First Day of Fall & Meetup

Today was officially the first day of Fall and the weather was at its best. Some leaves from my Fruitless Mulberry Tree and my Sweet Almond Tree have started falling. With a cooler weather allergies are always on the rise and I have to remind myself to dress warmly and spend less time outdoors (to avoid weed pollen and other allergens carried by the high winds here). During this time of the year, I get very excited to enjoy the colors of autumn foliage and the dancing of the leaves as the wind brings them to life. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Fall Leaves.

Fall Leaves.

I met up this morning at Starbucks® with some bloggers from High Desert Blogging meetup group to discuss Marketing concepts. We shared and learned so much from one another. For me, being in the presence of knowledgeable Women is motivational. This was a very informative and fruitful meetup.


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