Gift Ideas for The Holidays

It’s almost that time of year again when giving is on the rise and you want to give the best Holiday gift to your loved ones. I know there are so many stores/shops to check out (by all means, do, if you can and have the time). My advice to those of you who are planning to shop in-store is to start by checking the clearance section of your favorite stores, you just might find some hidden treasures.
I am compiling a list of Online Stores I absolutely trust and love for their amazing products and prices.

  • Are you looking for Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care Products, Makeup, Fragrances? Then this website is for you. The best thing about Yves Rocher is that he created Botanical Beauty based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential. Also, you are rewarded each time you make a purchase. As of now, they offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more and you have the opportunity to choose one free gift amongst six that they are offering. I will be going for the Oriental Massage Oil, Elixir.

Oriental Massage Oil, Elixir.

  • If you have any gadget lover on your list, then this is a website I recommend. They have bargain deals all year round and they offer manufacturer warranty as well as service plans.
  • (Newport News – Spiegel). If you are looking for Women Clothing, Shoes and Accessories; then you might want to start here.

Dress: Ponté-Knit Sheath Dress with Ruched Detailing.
Jacket: Signature Ponte Knit – Swing Jacket.
Shoes: Lace-Up Oxford Platform Pump in Waxed Satin.
Clutch: Oversize Clutch Handbag with Softly Pleated Front.

  • Are you looking for a source to buy art and craft supplies? Then this is your destination. They have a huge selection of craft supplies, wedding/party supplies and they offer decoration ideas for pretty much all types of projects. They definitely got you covered.
  • Another site similar to this one is The Lakeside Collection. They both carry a huge variety of items on Home Essentials, Garden Accessories, Men/Women clothing and accessories, unique gifts and so much more. I am fond of their unique selection of Solar Powered Lights.

Color Changing Solar Flower Garden StakesGreen Glass Mosaic Solar Garden Stakes.

Peacock Home Décor.

1. Lane Boots Women's 'Tail Feather' Cowboy Boots. 2. Peacock Handbag. 3. Peacock Purse.

1. Lane Boots Women’s ‘Tail Feather’ Cowboy Boots. 2. Peacock Handbag. 3. Peacock Purse.

1. Peacock Jewelry Stand. 2. Peacock Napkins. 3. Peacock Swing.

1. Peacock Jewelry Stand. 2. Peacock Napkins. 3. Peacock Swing.

1. Peacock Pillow. 2. Peacock Paper Coaster Set. 3. Peacock Double Deck Playing Cards.

1. Peacock Pillow. 2. Peacock Paper Coaster Set. 3. Peacock Double Deck Playing Cards.

  •  A good bottle of Wine. Do you have a Wine Lover on your list or are you a Wine Lover yourself?
  • Visit your Local Vintage Shop. Support Local Vendors and give the gift of remembrance to that one person on your list who is fond of ‘Old’ things (it could be jewelry, furniture, music instrument, painting, etc!)
  • Make your Own Gift. By now you should know exactly what everyone on your list likes. Some people enjoy hand made stuff from their loved ones (for keepsake). If you have someone like that on your list then think about hand writing a Poem or creating something beautiful with the supplies you already have on hand. Cook a delicious and healthy Meal. Bake cookies and pass them out to family and friends. Donate things you no longer need as long as they’ve been gently used (Books, Toys, Board Games, Clothes, Furniture, Toiletries, Non-Perishable Food, Money, etc!) If you are considering donating books or know someone who’s thinking about donating, check out this website.
  • GIVE YOUR TIME. Gifts are awesome. Truth is, however, that we simply don’t need them. Time, on the other hand, is much needed and we cannot reset. Be there for your loved ones and if you can’t be there physically, reach out somehow and let them know how much they mean to you. Let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Donate your time to the less fortunate. Make a difference by volunteering. Being a Universal Blood Donor, I will be donating some blood if it can help provide the gift of life and health to someone else.


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  1. Lola S.

    Oh my – what a great post!
    I’m loving the Lace-Up Oxford Platform Pump. What a stunning addition to my Shoe collection! Thanks for sharing.
    I like the idea of Giving Yourself and Time to others. That’s so you!
    Have a peaceful day, my friend.

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