“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”

For all the things that suck about life; I for one, am grateful to have good neighbors.

You can choose your friends. You can choose your house and neighborhood; however, you cannot choose your neighbors. Good neighbors make good neighborhoods and can help improve your quality of life. Good neighbors are thoughtful and look out for each other. Bad neighbors are unpleasant to be around and can make life very difficult for others.

Good neighbors add to your set of skills allowing a neighborhood to maintain itself more efficiently since they are all working together. Look around your neighborhood and you will notice the ones that seem to work together and the ones that stand alone, doing their own thing.

Basket of freshly picked Peaches (a gift from my neighbor).

Basket of freshly picked Peaches (a gift from my neighbor).


Be considerate to everyone and practice the Golden Rule which states that “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you …” – Matthew 7:12 (NASB)


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