Growing Trees from Branches

As we know, all trees grow from seeds. Some grow from stem cutting and others don’t. Success often depends on the timing, the type of tree and as well as the methods of propagation (Rooting, Seeding, Grafting, Cuttings, Layering, Separation, Division, etc).


I grew the Mulberry on the right using a branch from the main tree. It started by mistake, really. In December 2010, we cut off some branches from the main tree and decided to use them as decoration for the backyard. We placed them in pots and added dirt and water to hold them in place. After about two weeks, I spotted new buds at the base of one of the branches.

Young Mulberry Tree.

Young Mulberry Tree.

As surprise and amazed as I was; I cringed at the idea of having a second Mulberry as they shed all their leaves in the Fall and I do not look forward to raking and picking them up (though I always do). On the other hand, I told myself, why not? We could always use the shade it provides during Summer (and Summer here is really hot). So, we planted it somewhere in the backyard and it’s been almost two years now.

Navajo Globe Willow

Growing up in his parents home; Eduardo’s Dad got a hold of some willow Saplings which grew and grew and grew. On one of his visits he asked if it could grow from a branch and his Dad said” Yes they can and will”. Three branches about an arm’s length came from the San Joaquin Valley up to the High Desert and after sprouting roots and getting planted; only one branch survived. After a year or so, we cut a branch from that first one and after it grew roots; we set it down with plenty of water to drink. They are both doing well so far.

Young Navajo Globe Willow.

Young Navajo Globe Willow.


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