Growing Your Garden For Less

Living in the High Desert can be so unpredictable for a new comer and overwhelming for a Gardener (you can read about it here). I still remember how frustrated I used to be the first year of being here. Being indecisive about which plants to buy, having to deal with Gophers and Rabbits and worst, spending so much money to replace damaged/dead plants. Once I was able to figure out my actual USDA Plant Hardiness Zone as well as which plants prefer cold weather as opposed to warm weather; I began choosing a variety of drought tolerant plants that I love, which are easy to care for and which will complement my garden.

What I did in the past (and to which I am still open) was exchange plant seeds, cuttings with neighbors, offer to take plants they no longer wanted and vice versa. When visiting local nurseries, I first stop at the clearance section where most plants on the shelves are 50% off or less. About two and a half years ago I bought a 2 Gallon Potted Rose Bush and discovered a tiny plant growing next to it. At first I thought it was a Rose sucker, but it turned out to be a semi-climbing ‘John Cabot’ Rose. Since the Rose isn’t a true climber, I have been using plant twists to attach the upright stems to the trellis for support and it’s been thriving ever since.

‘John Cabot’ Rose.

‘John Cabot’ Rose (May 2011).

Since my little discovery, I have been looking at the base of my self-seeding plants for new shoots or growth from seeds. Two weeks ago I found tiny Gaura Lindheimeri growing amongst my Daylilies from dispersed seeds. I carefully pulled out the young and tender plants which I moved to a more desirable location.

Bird of Paradise Bush.

Bird of Paradise Bush seedlings.

Early this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find two Bird of Paradise Bush seedlings underneath the main Plant.

Pendula Yucca.

Pendula Yucca.

Above is my Pendula Yucca propagating from rhizomes. I have had the plant for three and a half years. I transplanted my first sprout almost two years ago and the second one last month (both from the same Mother plant). Click here to learn more about Yucca Species Propagation.

If you are interested in Self Seeding Plants, here is a list for you (again, always check for plant toxicity):

Nigella Hispanica
Four O’Clock
Alchemilla Mollis
Gloriosa Daisy
Rose Campion
Knautia Macedonica
Morning Glory
Spider Flower
Delosperma Cooperei
Stipa Tenuissima
Oriental Poppies
California Poppies
Asclepias Speciosa
Aquilegia Vulgaris
Eryngium Giganteum
Meconopsis Cambrica
Blue Thimble Flower
Geranium Pratense
Jewel of Opar
Verbena Bonariensis
Bachelor’s Buttons

How Can You Grow Your Garden For Less?

  • Understand your Plant Hardiness Zone
  • Purchase the right plants for your location
  • Exchange plants/split seed packets with family, friends, neighbors
  • Visit the section with 50% off Plants at your local nurseries
  • Visit a 99¢ Only Stores for a huge selection of plants
  • Buy self-seeding/self-sowing plants

I hope some of you will find this post helpful. I’m always interested in hearing your Gardening ideas or tips.


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