Guest Room Renovation

Finally, some updated pictures of our Guest Room. The room was a mess when we finally got the House keys and got to really look around. I mean ‘really look around’ because we only had a few minutes to check out the place when the Inspector came over to evaluate the property.  I am so thankful that our Apartment Lease had not expired by the time we acquired this property. I am also grateful that our awesome realtor convinced the seller to remove the old carpet in the entire house and dispose of the furniture the last tenants left behind.

The new carpet in all the rooms are from Empire Today and were installed by their professionals (our gift from Mom). We first painted the room using a Walmart™ color called Southern Dawn and then a couple of weeks ago, we re-painted it using Streambed, also a Walmart™ color. Although I really loved the light pink color, I thought a neutral color would be more appropriate for the space considering that it’s a Guest Room.

Guest Room Renovation.

Guest Room Renovation.

We are making great progress and the results are encouraging. I know things can be unappealing, but I do not believe in ‘ugly’ and ‘lost causes.’ People and things alike are created to be beautiful and useful, but some Men have a careless nature of destroying whatever they touch; thus, turning them into waste. With a little bit of patience, determination, some tools and much love, everything can be restored.


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