High Desert Fall Gardening

Fall has settled in and here in the High Desert, we have tasted its mood swings. Some of us are happy to be getting back into our warm outfits (enjoying the peaceful and cheerful atmosphere of a cozy evening by the fireplace) and others not so much. Fall is a beautiful season and I love it for everything except the shortening daylight. The kids on the other hand are excited as they look forward to falling leaves and gathering around the table for Thanksgiving. Here in the High Desert, it’s the same old; though one can’t get accustomed to it.

What about Gardening?

There is quite a lot to deal with in Fall that we often forget about gardening. Between shopping and organizing Halloween parties, Thanksgiving gatherings, finding time to rake falling leaves (and everything in between) to putting up the Christmas Tree, decorating the house/yard and buying gifts, there is very little to no time allocated for gardening. No time to start something, yet Fall is the time to find that unique spot surrounded by trees with leaves starting to change colors for that perfect engagement, maternity, family or self-portrait. What about taking a moment to plan, execute and start enchantment in your backyard with beautiful plants of your choice?

Fall is the best time for planting, transplanting and propagating pretty much everything as the soil is ideal at this time for the plant to develop roots while dormant. Fall is also a good time to find deals on plants as nurseries deeply discount them to make room for new inventories.

What Can You Do Now?

  • Grow your favorite plants from seed
  • Prune Roses, Shrubs, Trees and trim Perennials, hedges to prevent Winter damage
  • Plant Spring bulbs, flowering plants for Fall colors and Winter colors
  • Prepare gardening beds for Spring
  • If you had houseplants outdoors, now is the time to bring them back indoors
  • Plant a new Lawn or fertilize the one you have
  • Protect Cacti and Succulents from excessive rain and frost by wrapping them with plastic
  • Protect Roses and Perennial beds for Winter from drying and frost by heaving with cedar mulch, mulch of straw, pine needles, chopped leaves or wood chips
  • Visit garden centers for tools, seeds and plants at discounted prices

I ordered some seeds and plants last month and I planted them a few days ago. My Roses and Shrubs have been pruned for the last time until next Spring. My Pyracantha has began producing red berries (which are mildly poisonous, by the way) and the Tulbaghia ‘Silver Lace’ are still flowering. A few more from this morning:

Lindheimer’s Beeblossom – Perennial with white, light and dark pink flowers.

Gaura Lindheimeri ('Cherry Brandy).

Gaura Lindheimeri (‘Cherry Brandy’).

White Gaura Lindheimeri ('Whirling Butterflies').

Gaura Lindheimeri (‘Whirling Butterflies’).

Texas Sage ‘Green Cloud’ – Drought resistant and blooming from early Summer through Fall. I have another variety called ‘Heavenly Cloud’ with green to gray foliage and deep purple blooms.

Texas Sage 'Green Cloud'.

Texas Sage (‘Green Cloud’).

Red Autumn Sage – Drought resistant with long periods of bloom.

Red Autumn Sage ('Furman's Red').

Red Autumn Sage (‘Furman’s Red’).

Tulbaghia ‘Silver Lace’ – Drought resistant and garlic-scented semi-evergreen hardy plant blooming from early Summer through Fall with beautiful umbels of lilac flowers.

Tulbaghia ('Silver Lace').

Tulbaghia Violacea (‘Silver Lace’).

One of my goals is to surround my garden with a lot more Native Plants as there are many benefits of growing them and going native (they are beautiful, low maintenance, save water, attract and provide habitat for birds, attract beneficial insects). Click here or here to learn about going Native.

Happy Planning and Starting your Fall Garden!


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  1. Gardener: Transplant trees, shrubs in fall for best results

    When is the ideal time to plant or transplant trees and shrubs? Although these can be planted any time the ground is not frozen, the absolute ideal time is fall. The cool air and warm soil temperatures are the perfect combination for establishing roots.

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