Joyful Gathering

Yesterday was a joyful day as we celebrated the moment, a friendship reunion and new beginnings.
We feel blessed and thankful for all the wonderful people we’ve met along our way through life. We are thankful for those who are no longer in our life and for the life lessons it’s thought us. We are most thankful to those who are still a part of our lives and whose presence (near or far) makes a difference.

Neri & Joan.

Today, I finally met Neri and her loving Family. We are all a DeVry Institute of Technology/University couples. She was Eduardo’s classmate and we used to chat a lot once upon a time, when we weren’t as busy with life and before we got married and started our families. She always had good advice to give and we stayed connected through Myspace and Facebook. After ten long years of wanting and hoping, I finally met Neri, which it seems, I have always known in my head and heart. She is a beautiful, strong and amazing Woman. A compassionate being, a free Spirit and her joy radiates. Have you ever had that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and had the impression of knowing them all your life? That’s how I felt in the presence of Neri.

In the Spirit of Christmas, she surprised me with a Victoria Secret Gift Bag.

Thank you so much, Neri, for your hospitality and for allowing us to share a moment of one of your family’s cherished tradition. Thank you for the delicious food (as well as the ‘Take Home’). Thank you for the laughter, the conversations, the pictures, the gifts, the friendship, etc.

We thank God for you and for your wonderful husband, Michael. We thank God for your lovely children (you are teaching them well). Thank you for your continued encouragements in my life as a Writer and thank you for your invaluable input. I pray that the Almighty God bless you abundantly and keep you safe, always.


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  1. Neri Garcia

    Thank you so much for coming….I loved having all of you here with my family. We must get together more often…much love.

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