Just Another Day

This morning we took down all the Christmas decorations (both indoor and outdoor).
I started taking down most of the decorations (Christmas Church, Village and town people down as well as the Angels, Carolers and the Nativity Set) on Tuesday except the Christmas tree, which I finally took down this afternoon. I took one of the two outdoor Wreaths down on Friday and the last one on the front door came down today along with the rest. It feels like I just got the Christmas tree up and I am now taking it down; I wish Christmas could last just a little longer! I’m glad I had my cheerful and energized little helpers around to assist me.

It’s been windy and cold all week long that we shut off the exterior water valve to the irrigation system to protect the plants from frost and prevent property damage during this freezing weather.
So, after putting the Christmas Tree and decorations away, we had a fun craft activity with the kids late in the afternoon. We made a set of Bug Walkers, which we will share in the next post.

Late Afternoon Weather: Snow on the Mountains (view from our backyard).

It is raining tonight with a chance of snowfall.

2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Snow Storm (partial view of our front yard).

It snowed three times in 2008 (January, April and December). It skipped 2009 and snowed in January of 2010, January and February of 2011 as well as February and March of 2012.  The kids were looking forward to Snow and building a Snowman last December. I personally wasn’t looking forward to another Snow Storm and I am very thankful for the break, although the weather might decide otherwise. It’s astonishing how each year goes faster than the previous one. By the time I realize it, it will be Valentine’s Day!


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