I am so in love with my children; they are both very smart and creative. When they are not reading, drawing, sight seeing and sometimes helping me garden; they spend their time building LEGO figures.

LEGO Robot.

After returning from school today, in very good spirit as usual, he surprised us with his creation, which he is very proud of. He’s built over figures in the past, which have evolved over time and which I will share as soon as I get a hold of the pictures.

Other Fun Creations:

LEGO Racer.

LEGO Desert Racer.


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2 thoughts on “DIY: LEGO Robot

  1. Lola S.

    Such a smart little guy!
    I am so proud of you, Ivan! :)

    • Thanks, LS!
      He is a good kid. We are all proud of him.
      Will call soon.

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