Life of a Busy Squirrel

I had planned on tending to my plants today, but my attention got drawn to one particular Squirrel.

From my bedroom window, I caught the squirrel on the first picture (left) climbing on the planter and eating some of the Clarkia Amoena.  As I ran outside to chase it off, it ran straight to its burrow, which is located at the next door neighbor’s backyard. When we built the Primitive 3 Legged Plant Stand early this year to raise it from the ground and prevent the Rabbits from eating the plants, I didn’t foresee Squirrels in the big picture. Just a few minutes later, I spotted the same squirrel next to our storage shed, wondering if it was safe to get into the basement, after damaging some of my Horsetail plants (picture on the right).


Squirrel on the Planter.

Either this Squirrel is starving or it just loves coming into our property. On the picture below (left), it found a nut somewhere in the backyard and it’s busy eating it. From he picture on the right, it’s just relaxing in the front yard underneath the Raywood Ash Tree. Life must be good or something for this little creature.

Squirrel Eating & Relaxing.

Squirrel enjoying a nut & Relaxing.

As I went to close the gate leading to the backyard, I spotted the little creature underneath the Sweet Almond Tree, enjoying a few Almonds. This Squirrel is fearless. I can’t believe how close I got to it before it ran off.

Squirrel enjoying some Almonds.

Squirrel enjoying some Almonds.

I guess after eating so many Almonds, it’s time to take a break and relax. Prior to that, it damaged and ravaged most of the plants in search of my Tulip and Crocus bulbs, seeds and digging up new sprouts. There was nothing funny about watching this varmint go through my garden the way it did. All the money spent on the plants and the energy spent in getting everything looking the way I wanted seemed to have vanished in an instant. I will be using an underground bulb cage for my next Fall bulb planting (click here for a tutorial in building yours).

Squirrel Relaxing

Squirrel Relaxing

So far, all attempts to get these Squirrels from our property have failed. For one we are thinking about removing all the Oleanders along the chain link fence in the backyard and installing wood fencing or Slats (none of these will prevent them from coming over; but it might slow them down as they will have to work harder).
For now, we set up a trap in one of their favorite locations. If it works, I will share the information with those of you dealing with sneaky Squirrels as well as other rodents in your yards.


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