Little Acts of Kindness

I complained about the hot weather we had last week, but I didn’t expect to wake up to a chilly morning. Without looking out the window I could  guess how strong the wind is simply by listening to its howling and the movement of the Tree branches. Although the Sun is shining bright and strong above the clouds, I am guessing that the wind is here to stay (at least for today). I had planned on spending thirty minutes to an hour in the garden working on a little project, it will be difficult to complete in such an unfavorable weather.

During days like these, I sometimes ask myself why we chose to live in the High Desert? We are constantly confronted with strong gusty winds in the Spring and Fall, extreme heat in the Summer and below freezing point temperatures in the Winter. Due to the high winds, there is no way to eradicate the weeds since the wind carries the seeds from all over California. Then a single look at my kitchen window and I realize why we chose to live here and why we are still here: the High Desert habitants are known for their kindness.

Three and a half years ago, I received a hand-blown clear Glass Swan Vase from a former neighbor for donating empty boxes, helping her family clean up and move out of their rental home. The vase has a tiny hole which can be used to hold an LED candle, a Liquid Perfume Diffuser or simply place a flower into it. It’s such a delicate and lovely piece which I have cherished ever since and which sits on my Kitchen Window.

Hand Blown Glass Decor: Swan Vase & Candle Holder.

Hand Blown Glass Decor: Swan Vase & Candle Holder.

On Friday we took a trip to LindaMarie’, and bought a vintage rustic Hand Fork for a Garden Sign we  are building. I found a gorgeous Crystal Glass Candle Holder, which she gifted me (and for which I am very grateful). I placed my Breast Cancer Awareness Candle in it. They both can be used to create elegant arrangements and they make gorgeous centerpieces.


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