Meet ‘Alicia Joann’

My Beautiful – Adorable – Goddaughter.

In the Fall of 1993 in Yaounde, Cameroon, I was meeting for the first time Emilienne Njang, a classmate who later became my best friend and sister.

Emilienne is one of my truest friends. I can count on her to tell me point blank that I suck and to lay down the truth. Growing up, like every little girl, we had dreams. We prayed for serenity, health and love; we asked the Lord to guide us in the right path and to always keep us close. And yes, the Lord has never failed us. She is Mom to a smart and beautiful soon to be 7-year-old girl, Jamie, whom I am blessed to call niece. I personally do not know anyone who smiles as much as this darling little girl. I tell you, if smiles could heal, Planet Earth would be a disease free World. Those who know her will understand what I am talking about.
Nineteen good years together and dear Emilienne has never left my side.

So World, I present you Alicia Joann, Emilienne’s niece, Eve’s daughter and my Goddaughter. Born September 20th, 2012. She is a tremendous source of pride and joy.

Just when I was down on my knees, asking our Heavenly Father for a Goddaughter; I was also learning that Mom was pregnant with you. Quickly and without hesitation, I told your Mommy I would step in and become your godmother and to my amazement, she agreed. Generally, parents are the ones who choose godparents for their children. I chose you, nevertheless, to love, to listen to, to comfort, to share with through personal experiences, to guide you. In the end I can only hope to be a good role model and an inspiration.

You stole my heart before you were born, dear daughter from another mother. Welcome into the World, little one. I am grateful to be part of your life and very thankful for your good health. Until I meet you, goddaughter, my prayers are with you always. I will continue praying every single night for you that you live a life worthy of the Lord and that you grow in the knowledge of His Word.

Now you have someone outside your immediate family who loves you and who has sincere interest in you.
“May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life.” – Psalm 23:6

“Alicia is what I needed to feel complete.
God gave her to me at the right time; I’m positive, I don’t need anything.
She is precious, she is priceless, she is mine.” –  Eve Lor.

To you dear Eve, enjoy these moments as they are quick to pass.


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  1. Evelyne

    Awwww! I need more tissue. No words! ♥

  2. Emilienne

    Snifffff. Love you Joan.

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