My Grateful Heart

The days of the week have gone by slowly, allowing me to start and finish some little projects.
Yesterday was a joyful and heartfelt day for me. After talking to my Dad, I happened upon an old friend’s number. Had seven years really gone by since I last spoke to this awesome being? I asked myself.  Sure, we kept in touch through emails. How could seven years go by without verbal exchanges? I had no time for my mind to wonder. I was thrilled to talk to one of the amazing individuals who stood tough with me during my times of need.

"Kindness is the catalyst that fuels our drive for Love and Compassion." — Joan Ambu

Kindness, Love and Compassion.

I met Blanche in High School and she instantly became my best friend. She was always in my face and my business. She was my eyes when I couldn’t see clearly, my voice when I couldn’t speak and she had my back. We celebrated our birthdays together as hers is a day prior to mine. We had so much love, admiration and respect for one another and I thank God every single day for placing her on my path through life because she helped me remember how sweet Life was and how joyful I was prior to loosing my sister. She stood by me and walked me through the other side of grief. We were birds of a feather, and naturally, we flocked together.

As I dialed her number and patiently waited for the connection to be established,  my heart leapt with joy when I heard a familiar voice on the other end. As soon as she heard my voice she said: Please tell me it’s you Joan, I’ve prayed for this moment.  Yes, it is I, I jokingly replied. We laughed and picked up right where we’d left off as if time and space never existed. We spent over an hour catching up on each other’s life and in the end, we made the promise to talk to each other at least once a month.

“True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for a while. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off, and even if they die, they’re never dead in your heart.” ― Unknown

I haven’t forgotten those who comforted me and genuinely cheered my successes and happiness.


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