Neighbors Welcome Gifts

Two days ago, we received a “Welcome To the Neighborhood Cake” from Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, our kindhearted neighbors from across the street. It looked delicious and I told my husband he could take it to work and indulge with his co-workers (which of course, they loved). We moved to this quiet neighborhood a couple of years ago and this thoughtful gesture shows that it’s never too late to reach out to others.


Our “Welcome To the Neighborhood Cake.”

Today we received another surprise gift from our newest, next door neighbor, Gregory. He moved here about 2 months ago and was doing major renovation in his home along with his friendly twin brother, Arthur, whom I’ve seen a few times around and finally met Saturday morning. My husband and I were having a conversation in the kitchen early this evening when the door bell rang. It was a good surprise seeing Gregory holding a basket full of delicious Armenian bread in his hands. I was so touched!

Armenian Bread.

Armenian Bread.

It’s a blessing to know a few good people and I am so grateful for wonderful neighbors.


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