On The Road Again

After sitting in my backyard car port for almost two years, I have my baby back. With two different motor jobs done on it and co-workers suggesting I should sell it and others encouraging me to “blow it” somewhere in my backyard (seriously guys?); I was determined to keep it. I have had my car for 13 years, I am the sole owner and I hope to pass it down to my son once he is ready to drive.

One night at work, I was talking to one of my co-workers and he mentioned that after going through a similar experience he was lucky enough to find a trustworthy shop who takes the time to listen to the customer’s problem and troubleshoot the cars while keeping the owner of the car updated every step of the way.
I contacted the shop the following week and was pleasantly surprised when the receptionist got the shop manager on the phone to listen to my problem. After giving him a brief summary of what I thought the issue with the car was as well as everything that was done to it; he gave me a couple of suggestions as how to proceed whether on my own or thru them. We pondered on our options and finally decided to take the car to them.

Car Being Towed.

2000 Acura Integra being towed to Dave’s Automotive Repair.

Within a couple of hours of them having my car in their possession, I got a phone call informing me of the steps taking so far and how they were planning to proceed. After almost two weeks and a couple of phone calls, I got the long-awaited phone call that the car was running and running strong. I have been driving it for a week now and it still feels strong. I can’t imagine myself parting with it.

In summary, if you are looking for professionalism and a trustworthy shop, I highly recommend Dave’s Automotive Repair located in Hesperia, CA. They specialize in a wide variety of Automotive repair as you can see on their website. They are straightforward, explain their findings and inform the customer of the potential cost before proceeding (with your consent, of course).

Dave’s Automotive Repair 

Address Location:
15940 Walnut St, Hesperia, CA 92345
Phone: 1 (760) 244-0212
E-mail: davesautorpair@aol.com
Website: Dave’s Automotive Repair Or here.
Hours of Operations:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday: Closed