One Erratic Day

Today has been the most erratic day of the year with a mix of strong/high winds, really low temperatures and very light rain, which gave us a light blanket of white powdery snow. Once the rain stopped and the sun came out, we found ourselves with a nice clear blue sky and a cold, windy atmosphere (the type that literally gets down to our bones and reminds us that we’re still alive). Even the lower Mountain elevations which are normally spared were covered in snow.

Snowy Mountains.

Snowy Mountains.

Though Gratitude should be expressed and applied on a daily basis, it is during days like these that we are truly grateful for having a roof over our heads and for having people who love us enough to care about our well being. I can only pray that everyone is safe out there and that this erratic weather will be quick to pass.

Nisqualli Overpass, Victorville, CA.

Nisqualli Overpass, Victorville, CA.

On a positive note,  the construction on the La Mesa & Nisqualli Road Interchange is progressing and we have been driving on some of the new constructed roads that are part of the overpass. This is very good traffic wise as it will tremendously help reduce the congestion on Bear Valley Rd and Palmdale Rd.
Click here to read more about the La Mesa & Nisqualli Road Interchange, Victorville (on Interstate 15).


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