Patio Clean Up & Some Finds

Today is officially the first day of Summer and so far, so good. I am particularly thankful that it’s the start of the weekend, as it might be our last chance to set up the drip irrigation for some trees we planted at the far end of our backyard before the heat wave hits us. We loaded up the last of the Pine Tree branches into the trash cans and I am so grateful for a job well done and knowing that there will be no more cleaning and needle poking.

I haven’t done much Gardening all week, other than moving a miniature Rose bush from a pot to a large homemade primitive planter. The plants are thriving and the Ground Squirrels are keeping their distances as well as their activities at a minimum. I found time to clean the Patio and move some furniture around. This weekend I’m planning to clean the barbecue Grill as well as the patio furniture to have them ready for those Summer BBQs. I will be using Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray and I hope it’s as good as I heard.

Yesterday we took a drive to Oro Grande to check out some of the treasures at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. It’s always a delight visiting this Shop. I bought one of a kind Wire Urn, which I absolutely love. Urns serve many purposes such as holding fruits, floral arrangements, potpourri or you could just have it sitting with nothing in it. When it comes to decorating with Urns, possibilities are endless. After a thorough cleaning (and perhaps some spray paint), mine will be sitting with nothing in it as it looks lovely as a plain, stand-alone piece.

Large Wire Urn.

Large Wire Urn.

We made our last stop at the Antique Station, which is next to Linda Marie and it was our second visit to this location. It’s huge with a lot of inventory and you really have to make time to visit. I bought a gorgeous chair with a comfortable padded seat and gently curved back. It is beautifully upholstered with a full-length skirt and double-needle stitching. It’s more of a dining chair; however, since it’s single, I decided to use it as an office chair.


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