Grab Your Umbrellas: Rainy Days are Here

Without a doubt, the rainy days are here. One of the first things I looked for this morning was my Umbrella. I will be using it a lot more this year and possibly in the next hour as I will be picking up my Kindergartener from school. I am glad that I urged myself all last week to complete my last outdoor projects (adding privacy to the backyard, building the last planter, pruning my Roses and setting up the drip for my bulbs). Now we just have to get ready to winterize the irrigation system for the coming cold.

The Rain, I can stand. Those high and gusty winds: I just can’t. Weed pollen and other allergens are carried by the winds causing allergies. The best way to combat these allergies is to stay indoors as much as you can. Click here to read more on measures you can take to prevent some of these allergies. In addition to the allergies, there is also the danger of falling branches/trees, debris and in extreme cases, downed power lines caused by strong winds. Click here to read about safety measures you can take around downed power lines.

Raindrops on Roses (Color Magic Hybrid Tea).

Stormy Sky before the Rain.

There are some things I absolutely love about a rainy day:

  • The raindrops on my Roses.
  • The smell of clean, wet dirt.
  • Watching it fall through the window.
  • The sound it makes when it hits the window and roof.
  • Staying in and watching a Movie or reading a Book.
  • It sparks my creativity.
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to wear my cute rain boots.


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2 thoughts on “Grab Your Umbrellas: Rainy Days are Here

  1. Lola S.

    Lovely post, Joan!
    I also love Rainy days and the sound raindrops make when it hits the window. I also enjoy watching movies with a steaming cup of Sweet Tea.

    • Curling up on the couch too, Lola! With a good Book …

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