Rose Budworm

For over a month now, I have noticed random holes in some of my Rose bush buds. I blamed the ants and other tiny insects. This afternoon I found a pinkish worm burrowing and eating its way into a bud (using the petals as food source). Due to their size and the color of the buds, the larvae can be hard to notice too.

Rose Budworm.

Pre-pupatory Larva of a Glistening Caerulean burrowed in a Rose bud.

Rose Budworm.

Pre-pupatory Larva of a Glistening Caerulean.

Rose Budworm.

Hole in a Rose Bud caused by a Budworm.

When next you’re working around your Garden and you see a bunch of holes on your Rose buds (or any other bud), simply hand pick the worm and dispose of it.

I found an interesting blog post which talks more about the life history of this Glistening Caerulean. Click here.


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