Succulent Leaf Propagation

The weather is at its best today and I am so grateful. The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch in effect from last Friday through Sunday evening (with temperatures as high as 106° Fahrenheit). I hope that just like us, everyone else is making plans for the upcoming days. Be it a trip to the Beach, Lake, Book Store, the Mall or just staying indoors and cooling off. Though I am not fond of High Winds, these are the times I really wish for them as they always help alleviate the hot weather conditions.

Succulent Leaf Propagation.

Succulent Leaf Propagation.

My garden looks lovely and the plants are thriving in this hot weather. I deadheaded some Roses and some Petunias. After going around the property searching for Squirrels holes (none so far) and making sure that no plants have been disturbed/damaged on the Raised Garden Beds; I checked on some of my Succulents to see if the leaves I planted a couple of weeks ago had sprouted roots. And what a pleasant surprise!

I use two methods to propagate my leaves: 1.  Setting the leaves on top of the soil and 2. Sticking them into the ground. The second method is the one I use when propagating my Succulents outdoors. I made the mistake of setting some leaves on top of the soil, just to find out that they had all disappeared the following day. I blamed the disappearance on the Wind. I can’t say for sure that some Squirrels ate them; however, I have seen one gnawing on my Aptenia Cordifolia (Baby Sun Rose), Portulaca Oleracea (Purslane) and Portulaca Grandiflora (Moss-Rose).

After that unfortunate incidence, I decided to stick a few leaves in the ground, all disappeared except for one. As I gently pulled it out, I was happy to see that it’s been busy growing roots and what appears to be leaves? I moved it to a bigger planter along with my Sedum Morganianum (Donkey Tail). I will continue to water it regularly while allowing the soil to dry a little between watering (to avoid killing the plant).


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