“Garden Shed & Co.” Shop

While going to visit one of our local Antique shops, we realized that there was a difference in the building. The normal entrance was closed and the annex was the new entrance. As we walked up to it we noticed that the sign of the business had changed as well. The feel of the new setup and the quality of the antiques, as well as their diversity was surprising to say the least. After our initial visit we knew that we had to go back and check it out again, since every time we visit antique shops we find and notice items we had missed before.

The shop carries beautiful and unique Antique furniture, some of which are 100 years old (such as a matching Victorian Desk and Chair as well as a huge American Flag with 48 stars). You will also find furniture from the 1800 (such as a Cigar Counter). The shop also carries stunning Shabby Chic furniture such as arm chairs, benches, chandeliers, mirrors, picture frames, candle holders. There’s so much to see at the Garden Shed & Co.

Bobbie, the store owner is cheerful and always available for questions and to help.

Shop Locations:

Antique Station (Space #54)
19176 National Trails Highway Oro Grande, CA 92368
‎1 (760) 951-2421

‎23443 Crestforest Dr, Crestline, CA
1 (760) 220-0302
Located in the Old Historical Top Town.

Shop Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday,  from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday and Monday by appointment only.

Like their Facebook Page and check back for updates.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


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