Vintage Nativity Set

Aside from having a White Christmas Tree this year, Christmas itself wouldn’t have been complete without a Nativity set. As a lover of old things, you can’t imagine the joy I felt when I spotted a beautiful Vintage Porcelain Nativity Set of the Holy Family. I am grateful to have stumbled upon this set and I intend to keep for a lifetime. The beauty of the set is captivating and features carefully crafted porcelain. The colors are vibrant with wonderful detailing and finishing. Joseph is 12 inches tall, Mary is 9 inches high and baby Jesus is 4 inches long.

Vintage Porcelain Nativity Set (The Holy Family).

For our Nativity Angel, we’ll be using a Fontanini Simonelli Cherub Angel (playing a harp) which we purchased from an estate sale a couple of months ago. This Cherub is made of heavy duty composite and plastic material.  It’s an adorable piece and the details are stunning and simply breathtaking. There is an attached loop on the back for hanging (just don’t use it on a Christmas Tree as it’s quite heavy). It measures 7 3/4 inches in length.

Winged Cherub (Italy, 1984, Simonelli).


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