Vintage Wood Folding TV Tray

Last month, our wonderful neighbors across the street gave us a gorgeous 1970′s Vintage Sea Shell Hanging Planter along with a Vintage Wood Folding TV Tray. The folding tray originally had a mahogany color and Saturday being a warm day, we decided to paint a few items (re-purposing our vintage stainless steel metal tray for instance) and giving the folding tray a makeover. I am happy with the new color choice.

Vintage Wood Folding TV Tray.

Vintage Wood Folding TV Tray.

We cleaned the tray with soap and water to get rid of any dirt so that the paint will latch on evenly. It had a couple of spots that needed a little tightening as well, to stop it from wiggling. The latching clamp was a little loose and had to be bent back into shape. After this, we sanded a couple of spots on it, cleaned it once again and let dry in the sun. After half an hour it was ready for the spray paint which I applied in layers to keep it from running.

After spray painting the wood a Satin Granite color (by Rust-Oleum) and affixing a stencil on to the top area, we proceeded to apply a clear coat on the surface to keep it nice and shiny as well as protecting the surface from the elements. An area around the stencil began bubbling, leaving some marks on the surface. Not knowing how to proceed and refusing to sand the area down, I decided to take it as it was. Now I actually find it quite lovely.


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