Yard Sales: Tips to a Successful Sale

Yard sales! Don’t we just love them?
If you are looking for a way to downsize, get rid of some things you no longer need and make extra cash in the process, a yard sale is one way to go. Whether it’s a private sale, a multi-family sale or a neighborhood yard sale, with good planning it could be a success.

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Here are some tips on making it a success:

» Find out if your city requires a yard sale permit.
» Figure out what stays and what goes.

» Check the weather forecast prior to choosing a date (a bad weather will reduce the number of customers and will require you to take them indoor, which can also be a good thing).

» Advertise online in advance (e.g. Garage Sale Source) and give an accurate location as well as a start and end time.

» Place bold signs around the neighborhood with arrows pointing the right direction (as well as other places where they will be noticed). Keep it simple.

» Set up your items the morning of the sale. Make sure the presentation is inviting and the items are within reach (this will allow your customers to self-service).

» Put your signs up before the sale and take them down immediately after the yard sale.

» Make sure the items are clean (especially appliances).
» Group similar items together.
» Showcase your items such as the higher-quality items.
» Know your items worth, price them and be willing to negotiate.
» Have enough cash on hand to make change for your customers.
» Use a checklist to keep yourself on track.
» Be friendly and give a brief description about an item, if asked.

» Start your yard sale earlier to take advantage of the ‘early birds’ and have the sale on a Friday, if you can. It’s the best day of the week and you will have fewer competition.

» For Electronics and appliances, make sure a potential buyer can test the items before purchasing them. A verbal assurance is often not enough; be true to your words.

» Have someone help you keep an eye on customers (not everyone has good intentions).

» Keep your money close to you, at all times.

You want everyone attending the yard sale to leave with something and not the other way around.
For items that did not sale, consider slashing the prices in half. You can place an ad on Freecycle.org or contact the Salvation Army and other charities to pick them up.

Some No – No’s

» Never place clothes on the ground (it’s really not appealing).
» Never write on the items you are selling.
» Do no display anything you do not wish to sell.
» Never keep your customers waiting.

Here are a few sites where you can find yard sales or advertise your own garage sale.

Craigslist | Yard Sale Search | Garage Sale Time | Garage Sales Tracker | Lejeune Yard Sales


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