DIY: Primitive Slingshot

I finally put together the Primitive Slingshot which I started working on almost half a year ago. I was hoping to find a perfect Y-shaped tree branch before putting it together. However, our encounter with some Squirrels lately have triggered the need to have some sort of device available to handle the issue.

Materials/Tools Needed:

  • A Y-shaped tree branch, Drumsticks
  • Saw (to cut down the branch)
  • Knife (to carve notches on a branch)
  • Awl (to punch holes toward the ends of the Nylon Webbing or the Leather Strip)
  • Paperclip (thread the rubber band through the holes)
  • Piece of Leather strip, Nylon Webbing
  • Rubber band, Latex Surgical Tubing
  • Dental floss or Zip Ties(to fasten the Tubing)

Step by step:

  • For this project I decided to use the surgical tubing, leather strip, Y-shaped tree branch and two zip ties. First I used the leather strip and cut a hole on each side to loop the surgical tubing thru it. Once that was done, I proceeded to prepare the y shaped branch by removing any bumps from the handle.
  • Now I used the zip ties to fasten each surgical end to each post of the Y-shaped branch; making sure it’s nice and tight so that it does not come loose and cause any injuries.
  • Test out the sling shot for functionality and make sure that no adjustments are needed.
Primitive Slingshot.

Primitive Slingshot.

Now that this Slingshot is operational, I am hoping to scare a couple of Squirrels away.