Vintage Crystal 3 Tiered Server

Since school is over and having promised our Son that we would do something fun last weekend, we took a drive to Downtown Pomona.  My kids were all smiles when I told them that we were going Vintage and Antique shopping. They love Downtown Pomona and they enjoy visiting the little shops.

We started by visiting one of our favorite shops, the Pomona Antique Mart. With it’s three levels, we always make sure to spend at least an hour to an hour and a half there. Yesterday, while at the basement level, I found a gorgeous Vintage Crystal 3 Tiered Server. I have been wanting to buy one, and this find is better than any I have seen so far. The crystal plates have Fleur de Lis, stars, and an unknown symbol as its pattern.

Vintage Crystal 3 Tiered Server.

Vintage Crystal 3 Tiered Server.

It is a beautiful piece, which will make a lovely centerpiece for serving an assortment of delicacies such as cupcakes, fruits, cookies, caviar appetizers, cheese, chocolates, candies, Devils on Horseback and so much more. The Vintage Crystal 3 Tiered Server could also be used to display my precious little collectibles.


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