DIY: Chair Seat Reupholstered

One of our goals last weekend was to drive down the hill for some Treasure Hunting, eat at one of our favorite Restaurants and see a few beautiful faces we haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately for us, the weather decided otherwise. Everything ended up turning for the best as we had a marvelous time at home.

One of the things I wanted to get done in the playroom was to reupholster the seats and dye the slipcovers of the Harry Chairs my kids use during learning time (we bought the Ikea set a few years ago not realizing that Ikea doesn’t make cover replacements for this particular chair). Being a busy Mom with active kids, I can’t find time to make my own slipcovers (at least, not now). I ended up picking a pack of Tulip® Permanent Fabric Dye from Michaels on Saturday, a shade of grey, which to my amazement, turned out better than I expected after dyeing the slipcovers. We reupholstered the seats yesterday morning to make them more comfortable by adding extra padded cushion. I love the end result, my kids love them and what a difference to the tushies!

Ikea Harry Chair Dyed & Upholstered.

Ikea Harry Chair seat reupholstered & Slipcover dyed.

Materials/Tools Needed:

  • Chair(s)
  • Pliers (to remove existing staples)
  • Upholstery Fabric (or your existing Slipcover)
  • Heavy Duty Staple Gun and Staples
  • Quilters Batting/Memory Foam/Cotton Balls
  • Sewing Thread and Needle
  • Screw Driver (to remove and reaffix the seat)

Step by step:

  • Use your screw driver to remove the chair seat.
  • Removing the old staples, old fabric, old foam and replacing it all is up to you.
  • With the seat still down, trace and cut a few layers of Quilters Batting/Memory Foam as well as your Upholstery Fabric (can be done individually or simultaneously).
  • Once your done with the cutting, you can individually affix each one to the chair seat using your Staple Gun or you can affix all the pieces to the chair and cut off the excesses.
  • Place the upholstered seat on your chair and secure it.
  • Place your slipcover on and you’re good to go.

In my case, I didn’t remove the old staples, foam nor fabric (everything was is very good shape). I just wanted to make the seat more comfortable by adding extra padded cushion. I cut open a Wool Ball Pillow I no longer needed, affixing its fabric to the chair and using the Wool Balls for extra padding.


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