First Blooming Bulbs

Spring is in the air: do you feel the Love in your Garden? If you live in the High Desert like me, you’re probably not feeling too much love right now with all the unwanted and unattractive weeds popping up from nowhere. Most of my bulbs are flowering. My Gladiolus and Lilies are starting to sprout. As for me, I am starting to see new growth and beautiful colors all around my property which will be enchanted in just a few weeks. I am looking forward for the Trees to awaken and start growing their leaves while planning our outdoors activities. The outdoor furniture has been cleaned and will be ready to use as soon as I have a shaded area.

First Blooming Bulbs:  1&4. White & Yellow Daffodil. 2. Ice King Double Daffodil. 3. Purple Crocus. 4. Hyacinth.

First Blooming Bulbs: 1. Grape Hyacinth. 2. Ice King Double Daffodil. 3-4. Crocus Vernus ‘Twilight’ & Stripes.

The temperature has risen unexpectedly these past couple of days. Though a slightly warm weather is highly desirable at this time of the year, this is not what I was expecting. Even though it’s gotten so hot that I haven’t been able to achieve my gardening objectives, I refused to hold off on weeding, which to me is by far the most challenging, consuming part of gardening and let’s not forget how unattractive they are.

Weeds on my property are thriving in this weather and some have begun flowering and very soon others will begin seeding. Aside from the Tumbleweeds, the most common and invasive weeds here are Hawkweeds, Crabgrass and Redstem filaree (edible if picked young). The edible and invasive Common Purslane hasn’t made its appearance yet. I use mulch to control weeds in my gardens and I pull those present as soon as they emerge to prevent late Summer seedlings. Regardless of which method I use, weeding is simply an endless chore.
I find comfort in the end result and in knowing that Gardening Is Good for The Health.

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