Vintage Chippendale Pulls

While driving around the city this morning we decided to make a stop at the Estate Liquidators. It’s always a delight visiting this little shop, especially the outdoor space where we’ve found beautiful pieces in the past. Our visit wasn’t any different from the previous ones as we’ve never left the shop empty handed. As I was admiring a multi-level wrought iron plant holder, I saw a set of gorgeous vintage drawers with Chippendale Pulls from the 1940’s out of the corner of my eye and I knew they were coming home with me. The Pulls are made from brass, they are charming, unique, a little rusty and show age worn patina.

1940's Vintage Chippendale Pulls.

1920’s-1940’s Vintage Chippendale Pull with cast iron bail.

I bought the drawers for the pulls, so when I removed them and saw the imprints they left into the wood I promised myself to restore the drawers and possibly used them as planters. From the shape (rounded front) and size of the wood (all original), the pieces appear to have come from a small desk or vanity. Once the pieces are put together, I might use it as a tray or to hold my indoor plant.

Drawer Planter.

Rounded front Drawer Planter with synthetic plants.

I have so much to do this coming weekend and restoring a few gorgeous vintage drawers is one of the many projects on my list. Most likely going to the movies with the family.


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